Elevate Your Style With the Top Trending Gold Chain Designs

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Thanks to iced-out A-listers, simple gold chains have taken a back seat to flashier styles. But they can elevate any low-key look, especially when layered with other necklaces and charms.

Try pairing a chunky chain with a thin cable or curb link necklace for a maximum-impact look. Or, opt for a Figaro chain for a stylish alternative to a simple box necklace.

Maximalist Chains

If you’re not one for minimalism, a chunky chain may be the statement piece you need. From the runways to celebrity style, bold branding and oversized accoutrements are everywhere this season, especially on chains.

Oversized chains are a maximalist staple worn alone or layered with other pieces to create an eclectic style. For example, this dainty chain necklace by Alexis Bittar features a collection of gold chains that form an elegant silhouette around the collarbone.

Maximalism combines different styles and shapes to create an eye-catching fashion statement. For this reason, consider a bolder piece like this necklace by Thomas Sabo that features seven sparkling star-shaped pendants.

Another option is this floral beaded bracelet by Roxanne Assoulin that will return memories of the ’90s Perler beads. Pair it with your favourite t-shirt to elevate your everyday look.

Statement Chains

Whether you’re looking for the subtlest sparkle or an eye-catching statement, gold chains add a classic touch to any outfit. Wear one alone, or pair it with a pendant for a bolder look.

Thin gold chains are popular year after year because of their versatility. You can layer them, wear a pendant with them, or even switch them up and try out different lengths to change the look of your necklace.

For example, a Singapore chain is made of interlocking hooks and offers a sleek, sophisticated look that’s perfect for wearing on its own or with a pendant. You can also try a thicker, more rugged style like this men’s rope chain from Oliver Cabell. This style works well with a basic pullover or T-shirt and can be worn over ripped jeans and designer sneakers for a casual chic look. Just take your chains to a professional for cleaning and maintenance. It will help prolong their life and keep them shining as bright as you do.

Layered Chains

Men’s gold chain necklaces are a great way to elevate casual outfits, especially when worn with a pendant. One of the best options is a gold cable chain, which features a row of identical links that connect, making it solid and durable. It also comes in various widths, so you can find a chain that fits your style and budget.

Another popular option is a Singapore chain, which features a row of interlocking hooks that resemble an authentic rope. This type of chain is also strong enough to support a pendant, and it comes in different thicknesses, so you can find a chain to suit your taste.

You can also try layering chains of different styles and widths to create a unique look. Mix gold with silver or rose gold to create a more eclectic aesthetic if you feel bold. However, sticking with only two chains is essential to avoid overdoing it and looking cluttered.

Casual Chains

A chunky gold chain is a simple way to elevate any outfit. The bold size makes a statement and looks expensive, while the gold colour flatters any skin tone. Whether wearing a T-shirt and jeans or a blazer and tailored pants, a thick gold chain is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

If you’re looking for a gold chain that can elevate casual outfits, try this sleek piece from Oliver Cabell. It’s understated enough to wear with a basic tee and designer sneakers, but it will still give your look that high-fashion edge.

The best part about gold chains is that they’re just as versatile for formal attire as everyday wear. They’re the ideal accessory to balance a crisp white dress or a legal suit. Choose a delicate chain with a black tie or a chunky design to complement your evening gown. It’s a classic accessory that will always stay in style.


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